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What do you think about my conversation lines I plan to talk? She is my classmate and we sit together in one class

2022.01.27 11:29 VeganDonut03 What do you think about my conversation lines I plan to talk? She is my classmate and we sit together in one class

What can I change/add to make it less awkward?
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2022.01.27 11:29 hiheyhello2022 My bf of 4 years broke up with me because he «didn’t see our future together»

Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make writing this post, English is not my mother tongue.
So my bf of 4 years broke up with me because he «didn’t see our future together». There is a very long story down below.
Let me tell you the whole thing. Before I (25, f) met my ex (25, m) at 21 y.o., I have studied abroad for 3,5 years, so when I went back home to be closer with my family for an undecided amount of time, I have met him celebrating New Year with some of our mutual friends. We knew each other since middle school but never been friends or talked even, then he also studied abroad for about 6 years. When we saw each other, there were definitely little sparks and we instantly started getting drawn to each other. We started dating about 2-3 weeks after that, went on dates etc, however, I sometimes had thoughts at the back of my mind like «what am I doing here» or «he is not what I need», however, I always threw them away because I tended not to believe my feelings as I know I have an anxious personality and might overthink a lot, so I tried to rationalize things as much as I can, especially back then.
He was a very nice person, he was talented and very creative, extremely ambitious, attentive, so I started falling for him. He was a very calm person, who cared for what other people think of him, in contrast to emotional me who is free to a certain degree of what others might think of me, I am straightforward and don’t stand when people cross my boundaries. In that sense we were different, but I think that those differences drew us to each other, and we recognized that.
At the time my ex was doing his 1st year of university in our city since he failed exams at the university at the county he studied before due to him drinking and smoking weed as he was close to depression at the time and had panic attacks. But I was already working, planning on finishing the last 2 semesters in-between my work in the university in the nearby city to get my bachelor's.
So we had been dating for 8 months at the time and out of nowhere he says that we need to break up, I was absolutely shocked because I did not see it coming since I thought everything was perfect. I mean yes, we had our differences, but we also had many similarities, and I even thought of telling him that I am falling in love with him. I was asking why, but he was not able to explain me. Later he texted me something along the lines of «you should open up to people». I was broken but I thought «I don’t love him, so it will be fine soon». 2 or 3 days later he texted me saying that he made a mistake and thought that he was not able to accept my negative traits and he had to kill the relationship, but now he thinks that it all just doesn’t make any sense, and I am amazing and strong etc. And I accepted him back. I went to a nearby city for several months to finish my bachelor's, he was coming to visit me, everything was great.
Sometime after our first break up he lightly mentioned that he liked someone at the university when all that drama happened, but I didn’t even consider it to be an issue. Even though I was struggling to trust him and it took me a lot of time to fully open for him. After that break up I asked him to share his thoughts and feelings with me so that we could work out misunderstandings before any of us decides to break things off, and he said ok. We continued dating and I was actually very happy, we loved each other so much.
I am very trusting in relationships and tend to put a lot of blame on myself, it is easy to gaslight me because I forget things easily. I am very sensitive and consider myself an HSP. In contrast to my ex who does not allow too many feelings into his life. I think that sometimes I might fall into the «victim» mode as he used to say, which is true, even though I am at the same time quite strong.
I always had a feeling that my ex was far more assertive than me, and I wanted him to be stronger, but it just always seemed like he will outgrow it and we are just too young. He depends on his parents financially and emotionally, but I always thought that it will pass as well and I just need to wait for him to become financially independent, so that he can be stronger.
After 2 years of dating we moved into his new beautiful apartment together that his parents just bought for him, his mother designed it. And I loved our life together. For me, it was 95% happiness. He always told me that I am the only important person in his life who he truly loves. And I guess I felt special. And felt extremely sad for his parents at the same time because he always said that he didn’t love his parents and especially his mom, who is an alcoholic and put him through severe emotional pain before we met after which he decided to shut some of his emotional parts down. But he was very loyal to her because she is his mother and he felt obliged to do many things for her since she is very demanding and controlling.
Actually, let me tell you about his mother since I think she played a huge role in our relationship and the breakup.
When I was living in another city for uni and my ex visited me, one time we were almost being intimate and his mom called, he picked up, they talked and then said goodbye to each other, and we continued talking in bed and stuff. A few days later he tells me that she told him to cancel calls by himself because she doesn’t want to listen to our private sexual conversations. I was very confused, because they said goodbye to each other, and she could put the phone down herself. A couple of months later I was invited to meet his mother and her friends and family for the New Year celebration, and I was instantly love-bombed by her for the next 2 years. And I didn’t even understand that. She clearly is a narcissist or has narcissistic tendencies. She always needs her son to save her (as he did when she was suicidal after her husband broke up with her), so there is definitely a sick sort of connection between them. He is her golden child and scapegoat at the same time, she praises and humiliates him in front of others at the same time (and he knows it but cannot do anything), he does everything she tells him to, but never emotionally engages with her, doesn’t listen to her etc, but still does almost everything she tells him to in terms of everyday living, he helps her a lot, never disagrees, can just shut down his head and do whatever she asked until she leaves him alone. What she did with me was really weird but I felt like I was becoming a part of their family, so it felt really special to me. She gave me gifts that I never asked for, showered me with compliments, showed off to all of her friends etc. Even though sometimes my ex told me about weird little things his mom said something like «you have relationship problems because when you stay at my place to look for a cat when I am gone, she does not stay with you» even though we both loved being by ourselves sometimes, and some other things like that… And I felt like she was my friend, so I did little things to her in return, however, at some point, it just started to feel like I'm something like her personal assistant. Her ex-husband (my ex’s dad) is a wealthy man, so she has money. She insisted on me having an expensive gym membership at the place where I and my ex lived, got me health insurance, etc.
For the first year and a half we lived together with my ex, she constantly visited our apartment because it was new and many things needed to be fixed, and at first, I did not even mind, and I thought we were friends. She always told me and my ex, that it's dirty here and there (even though I am really very tidy). Because obviously, no one can compare to her. Until it was just too much. You gotta understand that I used to be «a good girl» for so many people in my life, I always helped people even though they might not even ask for that. I had a lot of free time and will to do that because I was close to depression after being fired from a job, and so I did my little projects, took care of my health, went to the gym, met with family and friends, started masters. But I didn’t work at a stable workplace for 2 years, and I don’t know if anyone will understand that feeling, but I didn’t work because it is extremely difficult to go to work every day when your boyfriend barely wakes up for his classes at the university, and I used to earn money, wake up early and have a little free time while he was just going to a few classes a day. But I never wanted to be stronger than my partner, never wanted to earn more than him, work more than him, etc, maybe people with a purely western mentality will not get or accept it, I don’t know. Because if I did, I would feel like I don’t need him, and I loved him so much, that I wanted to need him to be a part of my life. At one point I went to therapy because I felt like I am close to depression, my bf supported me, and his mother was the first one I told this, and she supported me as well and gave me money. And from that point on everything started to change. I slowly started loving myself, seeing people for who they truly are, not giving all of myself to everyone around me, and, most importantly, not being ashamed by my feelings - good or bad, which are intense, I started listening to my feelings, putting real boundaries (not like the ones before), started to understand when I am too much, and when not, I started feeling more morally healthy. I think I was in love with my ex’s ambitions and not actions, because I was so lost in life at that time, and had no certainty about my life whatsoever. But after I went to therapy, everything just started falling into place, I started truly loving and taking care of myself.
Anyways, back to his mom: I hugely helped her prepare the trip for us and her friends for her birthday, we went to another town for a couple of days, I felt like everything went great except for a couple of things: I had a severe stomachache for almost two days and was a little bit on the edge when people didn’t see the boundaries they were crossing. Once we had breakfast and were lightly teasing each other with the ex, she said that we should figure out our problems privately and not in front of her, so we both were confused but said nothing. Later that day her friend told my ex that he should shave his beard, but I felt like it was none of his business and said that the most important thing is that my bf and like the beard. Maybe it was harsh, but I honestly feel like people should not say that kind of stuff in front of 12 people, if you don’t like the beard, say it privately if you feel like it is your place to express opinions. My ex said that he will shave it soon (which was a lie), I think he was ashamed of me, but till this day I don’t see why. Also before we went home I was so sick that I was thinking of taking a train instead of a private bus with everyone else, and obviously wanted my ex to come along with me for help, but his mother assumed I will go by myself, to what I strongly said that «no, he will come with me to help me» even though he had an important paper to write, he would have time for that, I guess she was shocked because I never stood up for myself like that before. So little things like that happened during the trip, but I would never believe what would happen after we went back home.
About a week after the trip my ex sat me down and told me that his dad talked to him, because his mother apparently talked to the dad, and complained about me being rude, and that I should think about my behavior from that point on. I was completely shocked, he had no filter while saying that, he did not try to smooth the conversation a tiny bit. I was so humiliated by the tone he used, by insensitivity to me as for the closest person to him. His mother stopped talking to me, and I remind you, that I was completely love-bombed before, she literally called me her child, we would talk several times a week on the phone, see each other, and stuff. She completely ignored me, with the exception of when she needed some documents for while my ex left for another country to see his friends. She called me, demanding I find needed documents and give them to her, I heard that she was very rude, but decided not to argue, just did what she asked. Then there was a drama about his birthday which I was not asked to plan by anyone, so I just did what I thought was best for the 2 of us, asking if he would like anything else, and he said «no». I invited his mother, and she demanded me to invite other people, not only 3 of us, but during that week closest to my bf people (including his dad) were not available, so I decided to make it small, because my ex didn’t want to plan anything, and his mother did not do anything as well (which was surprising because before all that drama she told me so many things she planned on doing, dk maybe she thought that I will do it for her). And I felt like something was completely off. The day of the birthday I called her and asked if something was wrong because I felt like she was mad at me for some reason, but I would like to talk privately to deal with an issue she thought we had. And for the next 5 minutes she was just nervously and loudly saying things that made absolutely 0 sense, I could not understand a thing, only that she will talk to my ex’s father (for what reason I still have no clue). I was hysterical, told my bf that I don’t understand what is going on, that I feel like crazy, that I have no idea how to deal with this mess. That summer everything started falling apart, I always felt crazy for being «too sensitive». I asked him if the 3 of us should talk, or I should talk to her myself, he said no and that he will deal with it, for the 1st time in our relationship I felt like I am about to truly be protected by him. He had a huge fight with his mother when he asked her to stay away from our relationship. And after that, I think that something changed. Even though that 1 time he stood up for me and our relationship, I think that it broke him and it broke us. I think that all those little things she told him all through our dating started to fall into place, I felt at my core that something is very off and she is telling him something about me, and I don’t even know what, and I guess it was difficult for him to be in-between. But I felt so helpless and alone, and crazy, I needed him to put me first and not let his mother into my life anymore. But it felt like he can not unite with me and protect me and us from his toxic mother because he can not protect himself. He started drinking and smoking a lot, staying in bars. I started to see that he pays 0 attention to my interests, what I'm doing and feeling, my small business projects were of no interest to him. And I was always interested in what he did not because of the topic of interest, but because of the love I had for him. And I talked about it, several times I said that it feels like something is off, that he is not attentive to my emotional needs, that I don’t feel safe anymore, that I give him a lot, and now it feels like I am not being given as much in return. And he said that he knows it but he is afraid he can not do anything with it.
In his eyes, I was always the one who said something rude or wronged others, but everyone else around me was right and humble, which is obviously not true. I felt like he did not stand up for me enough, especially in front of his mother. I felt so many things at that time, that I could not keep inside, because it was killing me, I was so open to him like I never was with anyone in my life before. I felt like I loved myself and I loved him, but my needs are just not being met anymore (and maybe they truly never were and I just didn’t see that before). It was so obvious that when I truly started loving myself and trusting my emotions, he just could not take it, it was heartbreaking because I thought that we will get married. For me, he was too assertive to protect me, and I was too opinionated. He was too dependent on the opinion of his father which he sees as almost an icon, and his financial support, he is weirdly depended on his mother. And my issue was that I let myself be dependent on him because otherwise, I would not need that relationship with the person I loved the most.
Wrapping it all up: right before the New Year I wanted us to celebrate the holiday together, he said that he has to celebrate with his mother (and I did not want to spend holidays with her), since last year he did not, and it is his obligation. I felt like I am not really invited there, and wanted to spend it with my dad. I was crying a lot, feeling absolutely helpless, and I sat him down saying that we should reinvent our relationship and discuss many things, talk about the future, and how we handle this relationship from now on. And he said that he sees no future for us, since we have different values and interests, and love alone is not enough. He said he doesn’t want to break up and loves me but sees no other choice. He said that we will do things the way that I want to, he will rent me a flat for a year, and I should not worry about anything. 10 days later I wrote him a 12 pages letter where I was talking about my feelings, and what was happening to me for the last 9 months, acknowledged my mistakes, asked him to give us a chance, and discuss everything for a couple of days away from everyone, see a therapist together. He declined and said that he didn’t want to come home for the last couple of months, that he was tired of our toxic conversations, and his dad (an unhappy man in his friendships and love life) said that he had the same feeling after 20 years with his mother before he left her, and that if we need therapy after only 4 years, then there are serious core problems with our relationship. I was broken. 2 times I asked him to give me specific reasons and explain the differences in values and interests that he talked about so that I could have closure. However, he never did.
Fast-forward to a couple of weeks later: no apartment for a year as he promised, gave me money for 3-4 months of rent which is almost ridiculous. Saw him one time and we talked, he looked awful and hurt, broken, and I saw how all of the things I didn’t like about him are shining through - dependence on his parents, no ability to emotionally engage and put a foot down to negotiate what was promised, lack of strength and willingness to fight for me. Just a broken person who doesn’t know how it all came to that with a will to escape the situation as fast as he can.
I feel like I always had my pink glasses on, and they were violently taken off. Like I never want to be that girl again, who was lied to, sometimes gaslighted, who saw people around for not who they were but for who I wanted them to be. I feel like there were several mistakes along the way, that I could fix the relationship with my most loved person in the universe, but he gave up on me. Twice. It’s been only a month, but no heartbreak before left me so broken inside. Fortunately, I love and value myself now, don’t know how I would survive this without therapy. I know that even if he came back, I would not know how to live with everything that happened, even though my love for him is extremely deep. I want that closure, but I will not be given that, it it hurts so deep. And I know I will love again, but my standards will be so high now, because I know how much I bring to the table, but I have no idea if there are men out there who will truly care about my interests and emotions, who will be able to give me the amount of needed emotional intimacy. Because I though I had It all and then it turned out that I lied to myself.
Obviously, there were many little things that I will not tell here, this post is too long anyway. Thank you to everyone who read this, I just wanted to share my story, maybe there are people out there who can relate and who feel absolutely broken inside like me. I am slowly looking for a job now, constantly thinking about him, sometimes wanting to get in touch, but I know I should not, so I blocked him everywhere. I watched tons of videos and read articles on the issue, but it feels like nothing really works, and even becomes worse.
So I guess my question is: how do I really move on and detach?
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2022.01.27 11:29 karto2287 Knock off gta with anime girls i found

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2022.01.27 11:29 beachinit247 Pls don’t come for me… I need a HK confidence boost/ help

Ok sooo I am not a gamer so keep that in mind…I had to Google “NPC”. My extent of gaming knowledge is all console: Lego Star Wars for Xbox, Kirby games on GameCube (gts), and of course, every iteration of Super Smash/ MarioKart.
Anywaysss, with that in mind, my sister commandeered our family switch and I was like ??? so she recommended this game as the reason why so I got a switch and ya, I am in love for so many reasons. However, being a non gamer entering this VAST world I feel very stupid.
I just have a few quick questions after that crap ton of back story (sry).

  1. Are these “side quests” something I need to buy and or update the game for? I keep watching non spoiler YouTube about the game and they mention future side quests in areas I have explored throughly and I’m like uhhhhhhhh.
  2. I think I have opened every map but one or two. But I have not gotten to ANY bosses… maybe 5, a few being avoided for now that I have attempted 3 million times (watchers knights in Spire) and I still need 15 charms. Is that normal?
I realize that this game can be played in a million different ways, but kinda want a reading on if I’m on the right track-ish. Is it also typical to walk around exploring for a bit and not find anything new and or be stuck?? I got crystal heart, monarch wings, then the isma’s tear in pretty rapid succession.. so I am kinda just looking for new areas. Some areas weren’t marked unexplored by the fade out on the map, and I found them so that also worries me I’m missing a ton.
Admittedly, there are 3 bosses I could tend to I think. But I keep reaching this hive thing and can’t find the entrance. I just keep walking through royal waterways in every fucking way possible and where’s the boss???? Things like that scare me into thinking I did something wrong somewhere.
I also have no idea about this dreamgate power, and the side quest thing keeps bothering me because apparently they’re all over.. ugh. help pls
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2022.01.27 11:29 WhyNot_Because $OPEN - Opendoor Technologies

Full disclosure, I am long shares and options.
This is going to be simple and quick.
MARKET CAP - 5.3B Inventory on hand @ Q3 - 6.3B
Their closest competitor ZILLIOW stopped being a competitor because the could make it profitable. Their buy bot blew it and overpaid for a ton of inventory and forced them to stop.
On top of that OPEN is basically still in testing compared to their end goals. They are in 41 markets as of now which is tiny. Once they work out the kinks in the smaller markets and expand into larger markets they will become the residential real estate powerhouse.
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2022.01.27 11:29 FearlessEngineer0 Mamba Mentality…

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2022.01.27 11:29 Fancy_Variety5552 In a small town job prospects.

Most of the work is low paid employment, and most of the work is care work or supermarket work.
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2022.01.27 11:29 Shojiron Car shakes, white smoke out of exhaust on highway

Hi there, I'm currently running a 2016 Kia Forte EX with about 80,000 miles on it. Recently, whenever I'm driving at or up to highway speeds, the when the transmission goes to upshift, it'll occasionally get stuck at high RPM and won't shift through until I let off the gas and slow down. When this happens, the car shakes, I'll get a brief flash of an Check Engine light, and the exhaust spews out white smoke.
I've tried taking it to a mechanic, but they weren't able to replicate the issue, which is fair, it doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas on what it could potentially be so I can ask a mechanic to directly check a specific thing? I'd rather not just put up with the issue incase it causes more problems.
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2022.01.27 11:29 JckD12 Tentaram me dar um golpe

Criaram um whatsapp fake com minha foto e chamaram minha mãe pedindo pix pra ela O burro mandou o CPF como chave pix
Quero cadastrar ele como mesário agora, alguém sabe como fazer?
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2022.01.27 11:29 Opposite-Cow-4201 Headhunting for Customer representative ( Job Opportuniy)

T SHIRT ELEPHANT Co, Ltd is pleased to offer you a job position in our company. The position is a virtual/work from home position and you dont need to have any kind of degree to be qulified for this position. What is required of you is your Loyalty, trust and efficiency. Our company T SHIRT ELEPHANT Co, Ltd. is a printing firm that supplies a wide range of apparel and promotional products in Canada and the United States; We are looking for a trustworthy representative in your region that can help as a link between our client and our company. This job position is avaible for you because we can currently audting our accounts and we need someone urgently to fill in this postion on temporary basis
You would earn 10% on any transaction your receive on our behalf for your services..
This job offer is contingent on your passing the phone interview. This will be arranged once you have acknowledged your acceptance of this job offer,kindly TEXT ME your email address for more instructions
TELEPHONE NUMBER : +1 (470) 387 9635 ( TEXT OR CALL)
Your compensation package includes health insurance, life and disability insurance, sick leave, vacation and personal days through our company's employee benefit plan.
I hope to hear from you.
John Smith
Human Resoucres Dept.
T-Shirt Elephant
Telephone: +1 (470) 387 9635
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2022.01.27 11:29 hihellowhatssup LAST 9 hours! UP TO 20% off DISCOUNT CODE: 9GAGYESSTYLE(10% off for $35) + DRDRAY(10% off for $45) + VDAY22 (10% off $79, 12% off $99, 15% off $149) + REWARDS CODE: WE4PPP (extra 2-5% off)✨✨✨

LAST 9 hours! UP TO 20% off DISCOUNT CODE: 9GAGYESSTYLE(10% off for $35) + DRDRAY(10% off for $45) + VDAY22 (10% off $79, 12% off $99, 15% off $149) + REWARDS CODE: WE4PPP (extra 2-5% off)✨✨✨ submitted by hihellowhatssup to YesStyleRewardsCode [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 11:29 ThomasDaykin That Milwaukee Street food hall that's coming? More like a ghost kitchen

I just posted a subscribers-only story that cannot be linked due to board rules. But I think people will find it of interest.
That food hall coming to 733-737 N. Milwaukee St., which I first wrote about in Feburary, is not going to have a central bar or other attractions designed to make diners linger ala Crossroads Collective and 3rd Street Market Hall.
Instead, its focus will be on deliveries and carry-outs, with recent building permits referring to the development as both a "ghost kitchen" and a "cloud kitchen" — restaurants without dining rooms.
And, we now know the name of the developer: KBD Holdings, from the Los Angeles area, which has developed ghost kitchens in other cities.
You know where to find the story. Thanks.
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2022.01.27 11:29 PirateKingRamos [Madr7dismo] Gareth Bale difference in appearance; 6 months ago vs today

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2022.01.27 11:29 Fuglypump Cointiply - Learning to Maximize Earnings

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2022.01.27 11:29 Soonyulnoh2 Would this be sad?

Last night single $1 game with 1st prize of $1,000 in NBA(Pheonix v Utah) hit the right combo and finish in 1st place and you win $11.40?
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2022.01.27 11:29 Nite-Prow1er Pee for the win 💯💯

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2022.01.27 11:29 Jambu2y wait a minute..

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2022.01.27 11:29 TheDarkKnightXXII Old building in Meghna River, Bangladesh

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2022.01.27 11:29 MatheAM2004 Quero começar jogar jogos antigos

Salve pessoal, queria entrar no mundo dos jogos antigos mas não sei por onde começar. Alguém pode me indicar algum emulador que roda o máximo tipo de consoles e indicar alguns jogos clássicos para jogar?
Ps: Se puderem, me mandem suas bibliotecas de jogos :3 (To com preguiça de criar uma kkkk)
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2022.01.27 11:29 Icy-Possibility2204 خير الناس أنفعهم للناس

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2022.01.27 11:29 Leragian you got to try harder than that

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2022.01.27 11:29 Immortal_Slayer1 Zombie (1979) full movie

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2022.01.27 11:29 DescriptionOwn3158 Can't stop thinking about her (IKTR)

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2022.01.27 11:29 Turbostrider27 Submerged: Hidden Depths Platforms Announcement

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